Red Ted Art – What you get…

Hello again.

I have been a wee bit silent recently. Been busy with other things. (But have still sold another 22 cards and have started on 3 new Teds). I just haven’t been as diligent with the blog. Don’t worry, dear reader, a momentarily lapse.

So. I just wanted to let everyone know again “what they are getting” when they buy a Red Ted Art painting or a handmade greeting card.

The paintings:

– this is a consultatoin process. I spend time with you, understanding what you and your little one would like.

– I then design something ESPECIALLY for you.

– once you are 100% happy with the design (I may redraw it 2-3 times), I create some simple colour swatches for you, to get a feel for how the colours work together… again, you get to choose the perfect combination ESPECIALLY FOR YOU

– I then paint the painting

This is something that I hope you and your children will treasure for mainy years to come. In some ways the “pop artier” the final painting is, the longer it will last (in my opinion anyway), as pop art even has adult appeal.

What you are getting is something highly BESPOKE, UNIQUE to your DECORATING needs! UNIQUE to what your little girl or boy LOVES… I frequenty DO offer discounts for “off the shelf items” – i.e. if the design already exists and you would just like the “the same again”, or if you purchase my “x display” items…  This is Artwork for your little ones (not prints!). This is designed to get your little one interested in colours and interested in art in general. To get them smiling and to get their imagination going… these are not something to be exchanged annually, but to stay with you. They are an investment. As all art is.

I hope you like them.

Will waffle about the greeting cards next time…


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