Quarterly Update 1! (Jan – March 09)

Wow. Already 3 months have flown by, since I “launched” my blog and flickr site (http://www.flickr.com/photos/68327876@N00/) support and interest has been phenomenal! Thank you all for your enthusiasm, contributions and above all purchases! It has been a great few months which feel incredibly busy (even if I did have my odd “down time” week). I think the best things have been – coming up with new painting designs – each new one is so much fun to create and I simply love seeing Red Ted’s reactions to each and every one of them (I am once again convinced that he said “duck” to the four pop art ducks… but maybe I am being a bit keen this time!) and the response to the cards has been amazing – 284 sold in just over 2 months – what started off as a side line is a business in itself!

Anyway, as to m ore recent history. The four pop art ducks went to their “new foster” home – The Common Ground Café there. They create instant interest amongst the mums and staff alike (and I already had a couple of queries as I was putting them up). I do hope that they find a “permanent” home soon!!

I can now concentrate on some new Teds. Chasing some of the other cafes and publications. Oh and that little thing called the “website”… it all feels so close… and yet… let’s see. In the meantime – hurray for the blog and hurray for flickr. What a good service you have both served me!


(And here’s to another 3 fantastic months!)


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