Quack quack quack

Or chick chick chick… busy painting some pop art ducks for The Common Ground Cafe on Wandsworth common (it is a gorgeous little cafe, super child friendly – you simply MUST go and visit), as well as making another 20 (!) last minute Easter cards. Fantastic (save for running out of yellow cards! Next year’s Easter cards will be on cream… mmmmh).

Very pleased that The Common Ground Cafe agreed to hang my paintings – well, the Webbs Gallery did – they manage the wall space for them. Will be very interesting to see how that goes.

Have another couple of cafe/ kids’ play areas lined up to see…. but watch this space!

One of the papers has agreed to feature me in the September issue (May is full). Which is fabulous. What lovely people. I do need to remind them again in June though…so lovely people, please don’t forget my lovely paintings, they SOOOO want to go into your September edition! Yay.

Anyways… the chicks a chirping that they want to get cut out and stuck onto cards. Must go.

PS I know I owe you some cupcake images. But I can’t decided which stars to stick on… so alas, they are STILL not finished. Yet I am so close…


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