Dogs, Dinosaurs & Cupcakes

dino-numbered   dog-numbered

The journey is indeed a colourful and varied one. I have just made some new cards – with a  little Dog and a “Birthday Number”, as well as a little Dinosaur and a “Birthday Number” – I think they are v cute. Hope you do too! The cupcakes are half finished – i think they look lovely. They are only half finished as I can’t decide whether to outline them in black or silver (like with the pink stars I made for the little girl that took her time coming…).

I am badgering all the publications I have badgered in the past again. And I have contacted a few place re hanging my paintings onto their wall spaces. Nothing too exciting yet. But I am getting on with it, I guess! The problem is, that a lot of these places are already all set up – one even manages its wall space through a gallery! And this is children’s art, imagine! Good to find out more though. We shall see how this all goes!

I am starting to see interest from beyond my circle of friend, so I guess things are beginning to work! But I still have a fair way to go.

The “real” website, still isn’t ready yet, but again, I think we are getting there. Patience is a virtuous thing!


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