Vanity is a dangerous thing…

laurelsVanity is a dangerous thing… I was so pleased with myself last week for creating the “product testing” series of photos ( that kind of everything just rapidly slowed down and then came to a complete standstill – almost like after an exam – you beaver away and then the exam comes and goes and then you sit there… I had done my bit and now I can unwind and let it all happen by itself. 

Needless to say, things are not quite that simple. And if I sat down and looked my non existing project plan, I’d find that there are still a 101 things to do if I really want to get this going. But I am resting on my monkey product testing laurels (feedback has been brilliant since I posted it last week). Is that bad? Having a quiet week every so often? Still trying to figure out the colours for the cupcakes (I want the cupcakes to look yummy, not a funny chemical colour! mmmh) and having a quiet week means I can let my mind wander a little on it!

But I can’t quite decide what to focus on next. The garden? Getting out an about with Red Ted (spring is in the air) and the fliers? A good book (whilst Red Ted naps)? A new card design for Party Party (they were interested in the “animal” cards so long as they also contained numbers)? Marketing is obviously key to my success? So what do I focus on Marketing wise? An article in the paper? Distributing said fliers? Or do I just take some time off? mmmh? I guess I have been beavering away since the begining of January (well, actually, since before then) and everything takes a little dip every so often. I think it is ok to take a breather. 

Though need to find the pace again v soon and get this moving along swiftly!


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