Seeds are sown



Product Testing by Red Ted

Product Testing by Red Ted

The seeds have been sown… in more sense than one. I am slowly getting out there with my fliers, but need to put a bit more effort in… however Red Ted still has a nap routine, so that restricts my ventures a little… still. We are getting there! What I really meant to say, is that the tomato, lettuce and courgette seeds have been sown. I need to get some more spring onions and would love to give a pumpkin a go. So need to buy some more seeds. Will also try carrots, some more beans and cauliflowers again – but that comes later in the year (April/ May time). So I have a little time!



The monkey is complete (we like!) and the giraffe is almost complete (I am deciding how big to make the nostrils… and I need to have Sam L come back from a trip away and take a look… afterall it is her giraffe and I want it to be perfect!)

I am also working on some cupcakes – not 100% sure yet about how the metallic colours will work, but I am sure I will figure it out (eventually).

I am off to the opera tonight. Should be good – but it is a whole 3 hours -don’t know about you, but am  not convinced about my attention span!


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