Catching some Zzzzzzz


Catching some Zzzzzz

Catching some Zzzzzz

Well, normally I would be sitting here telling you about all the wonderful things I have been upto. But guess what? Today has been one of those whiteout days. Every time Red Ted went for a nap, so did I!!! I guess every so often a good break is needed. Then a lovely friend came round for a visit and brought some even lovelier chocolates from the Deli. What a perfect afternoon! (The Englishman once having read this, will be demanding where his chocolates went.. you can’t hide anything if you are writing a blog.. sigh). I did manage to run a couple of errands though (deposited my cheques from the Village stores, got a “World Book Day” book for Red Ted and did a bit of veg shopping). So all in all, not a bad day really!


But I guess the day isn’t over yet. Red Ted is safely tucked up in bed. I have some washing to put away and it is my turn to cook the dinner… after all that an Easterenders, I will get cracking on that Giraffe and the Monkey!!!

I am dying to get out into the garden and sow those seeds… spring is round the corner and I do need to get the seedlings going! Well maybe I won’t nap all day tomorrow!!!



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