Another busy week.


Happy Easter Chicks

Happy Easter Chicks

Another busy week almost over.


Came up with some more greeting card designs for the Wimbledon Books & Music store in the Village (she asked for Easter/ Christening/ New Baby cards). And she loved all   them (am so pleased), so already have another order – this time for the cutest little chicks, a “new baby” pram and a “stained glass” christening card! Will get onto those ASAP! I have a feeling that the chicks will go down a treat!

I finally received my fliers through the post (so exciting), which I am now eagerly distributing (sorry to all those ladies that I randomly approached at the playground – but I just wanted you all to have one!!! Hope you like the site! And do leave me a message!!!).

I am also in the process of making a Giraffe and a Monkey to go with the Croc that Sam L (see testimonials) already has. Sam already had a Giraffe that she liked and I designed her a new monkey. Now we are just discussing the colours! Fabulous. (which is another example of how you can have anything you want – if you have an existing idea in mind, that is fine, if not, I can create something for you! Also fine!). Also am desperate to finally get round to making some new “cupcake paintings” – can’t wait. Just need the time!

Not too much progress on the publications – but these things take time. Patience and pestering are in order!

Finally, am about to sign up to the Wimbledon Village Fair and Barnes Fair! Hurrah. Lots of exciting things to look forward too…


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