One flew over the cuckoo’s nest… ‘eddy! ‘eddy!



Max Giggling

Red Ted Giggling

…or should I say onto the roof?



Introducing Rosemary, our new chicken! Chickens need company and since one of our (two) chickens died, we had to quickly get a companion for the remaining chicken (Sage). We were very excited to get a new chicken so quickly and Sage look interested in the new arrival. To mark the occassion The Englishman decided to let them have a good old wander around the garden. Then left for work. Leaving me with the free chickens and Red Ted. So far so good. Until Rosemary decided to remind me of her unclipped wings and promptly flew on the roof. Great. Max thought it was brilliant – especially when he got to watch mummy climb out of the bedroom window, in her bathrobe, trying to shoo the chicken off the roof, before the chicken decided to fly into the neighbour’s garden (the children next door would have found this hilarious, the mother not so). Anyway. I did succeed in the end and order was restored.

Back to the artwork. Much to my excitement, Red Ted is starting to utter his first words. And to my great great pleasure, he decided to utter words of much importance to Red Ted Art. So here we go:

Dada – usually related to wanting to be picked up,

Mama –  usually related to food,

Iggy – for our pet cat(s) (one of them is called Iggy) and here it comes –

Teddy!! Yes, Teddy.

Red Ted has a bunny in his bed, so he can’t mean that. He does however have 3 Teds on the wall… he reaches out to them and utters “eddy” “eddy” wanting to touch the bright colours – I swear he does! What a darling!  Good boy Red Ted, mummy is very proud. Now do it on cue and in front of potential customers…..


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