Busy Bee…




It has been a busy busy week for me – feels like I am catching up on Red Ted’s downtime! But that is fine. All part of the fun…

So… what have I been up to these last few days. Well, I finished 4 more painting (well almost, I cannot decide whether to add seaweed to the new seahorse or not – apart from that, it is done). I visited two of the Wimbledon Village shops and both have taken an order to sell my cards in their shops (if you want to check them out in store – go to Party Party on the Wimbledon High Street or go to the Wimbledon Music & Book store just round the corner from it – great to see the cards “live” and you save on p&p).

I am also trying to see whether I can arrange a short article or a blog in a local publication or online – it would be great to be able to rant about my trials and tribulations to an even wider audience. There are one or two promising leads, so let’s see what comes of that!

The fliers are FINALLY on order now too. In the next few days I expect 1,500 fliers to flutter through my door (well, hopefully in one neat parcel). After that I will be going on lots of walks with Red Ted to drop them off at the Health Centre, Nurseries, Libraries… anywhere where mums meet! That will be interesting!

Now I just need concentrate on making all the cards that the shops have ordered! Busy bee indeed!


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