Little Miss Organised (or not)

little-missWell.. I have been called “Littel Miss Organised” by friends before – if something needs organising, I am usually the one to do it (like nights out or baby sitting rotas). I just can’t help myself – organise away it is.

So, how come I can’t organise myself when it comes to all the Red Ted Art activities I need and want to get done? I really do need to write a project plan of sorts (before you worry, I DO have a spreadsheet with a long list of items on it, so I am not THAT bad), with funding decision making points along the way. The marketing of Red Ted Art is the big big thing here. I really need to get out and meet new people. Sales to date have been good – but they have all been through people I know! I need “strangers” (if there are any “strangers” reading this, please send me an email and say “hello” – I would love to meet you!).

My main problem (or excuse) is my “day job” – i.e. little Red Ted, needless to say, I need to put him first, which means that meetings with shops/ cafes etc etc just get delayed and delayed – the village shops I was supposed to go and see when he got sick, still haven’t been visited. I can’t wait for his nursery place (2 mornings a week), then I will definitely be able to make all these visits! Just waiting for my place now.

Oh… and the chicken died. She looked so sad. Poor little thing. We now need another chicken to keep the remaining chicken company (they get lonely).


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