Oh no! The chicken is sick.

Oh no! One of the chickens is sick – it has been “off colour” since Sunday (ok, that is only two days), but now it looks well and truly bad – its lovely red comb is a greyish purple and any chicken person will tell you that that is a very bad sign. A very bad sign indeed! I don’t expect her to make it through the night… the poor little thing. No idea what is wrong with her.

Just had another 3 Teds order in, which is great news. Love the Teds, so am pleased when people go for the pop art effect! It is for a baby boy, due in June. Lovely.

Very pleased with the “internationalness” of my customers: the 3 Teds are going to Vienna, a lion I just finished is going to Duesseldorf and I have just had an order for 10 greeting cards from someone in Singapore – fabulous!

This week, I need to focus on doing lots of my “to do” things – incl. talking to local shops, creating a list of fairs for the summer that I may or may not attend and creating flyers for yummy mummy cafes. Lots to do. Red Ted is better, but he still needs lots of TLC and attention, so let’s see how much I actually get done! 

Oh and I also want to do some drawings… I never seem to get round to doing those…


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