Sharks, Vomit and Valentines


New Designs

New Designs

It has been a funny week – mainly because I have learnt how spell DIARRHOEA or DIARRHEA depending on whether it is British English or American English. You guessed it. Red Ted has it. Oh and a good bout of vomiting too (I already new how to spell that). Lovely. Luckily he is already on the mend (what a strong boy he is) and I got lots of cuddles out of it (and lots of washing – his and my clothes, nothing was spared).

It does mean that all my Red Ted Art plans for this week were put on hold, but that is ok. Sometimes a little distance from things is a good thing. I made some new card designs at the weekend – mainly because an order came in for “6 different animals please” – I didn’t have 6 different animal cards – but I did have 6 different animal paintings (and then some) – so the new cards where made a la paintings (which is the whole point – they compliment each other). I do like the shark, if I say so myself.

With Valentine’s almost upon us, I have done really well with my “heart cards” (guys, remember, these also make GREAT wedding or anniversary cards……), so now I will have to come up with something equally lovely for mother’s day! Don’t want to disappoint my rapidly growing supporters (thank you lovely supporters, couldn’t do this without you!).

PS is STILL with the developers. Give me strength.


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