Chicken Pooh for the Soul


Happy Hens

Happy Hens

Well, they say there is nothing quite like a warm hearty bowl of chicken soup on a chilly winters day to heat you through and through. Today is indeed a chilly day (there is snow in the air), but instead of chicken soup, I get to contend with chicken pooh… After our week’s holiday, our chickens needed some tlc and I gave their coop a good clean. A stiff back, cold feet and smelly hands later, I feel surprisingly good! A bit of fresh (ish) air and the satisfaction of a gleaming coop and I feel almost as good as I would had I had some chicken soup… I recommend it to anyone! (Any Tom Sawyer-esque volunteers?!).


We only got back yesterday and already I am beavering away and have made another batch of cards – “number birthdays” (for a big 40th and a little 1st), new baby cards and of course the Red Ted classic teddy bears. The cards are flying off the shelf (or my workdesk), which is fabulous news, as I really enjoy making them. If you like them, make sure you get one for Valentine’s! Take a look at the Testimonials page for feedback from my first card customers!

I do need to focus on the paintings though – the seahorse still hasn’t been made (well the little girl won’t be one until March, so we have a little time) and I desperately want to have a go at drawing the tiger, shark and fairy… I just never seem to get round to it!



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