We are off on holiday – The English Man’s brother will be house, cat and chicken sitting! So they are all sorted. Red Ted discovered the cat flap – currently, he just swings the door, I look forward to the day that he tries to climb through it or posts stuff out of the house. Mmmh.

I have made greeting cards galore. They all come now in nice little cellophane bags to protect them and have Red Ted Art stickers on the back. Already I have had 4 customers and lots more interest. Thanks for buying some. I will be posting them online through places like Dawanda and Kleine Wichtel – but will do so once back from holiday (don’t want to disappoint anyone ordering and make them wait for them). Also we have a fabulous little toy shop nearby and I think that they will be interested! Really enjoying making the cards – the acetate technique looks quite wonderful, well I think so! Will be making some “baby feet” for “new baby cards” – so watch this space…

The main website is coming along, I am hopeful  that it is ready soon – it will be so much easier to promote the paintings that way, as well as create more interest. I look forward to submitting it to all the search engines etc.

I am waiting a little longer on the results of the online poll… but it looks like a charity donation it is! Will have to look into what charities I think would be nice to support! I have some ideas, but recommendations welcome.


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  1. I would suggest my own, but honestly there are many quality charities you could donate to, just be sure to do research and give the smaller, lesser known ones a chance too.


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