Fried Egg Sandwiches & Eastenders.

The Englishman is out Painting the Town Red again (well once a week is hardly alot) and Red Ted is asleep in his cot (anyone got deja vu?). I get to stay in and eat fried egg sandwiches (thank you chickens) and watch Eastenders. Yay! Now I can’t complain about that! I am supposed be reviewing the first draft of – believe you me it needs a lot of reviewing. But I have had a hectic week and feel well and truly pooped! So I think I will start the evening slowly with Eastenders and then maybe, just maybe move onto the website. Or maybe I will appease my conscience and try and finish Red Ted’s jumper that I am knitting. If I don’t hurry up, it will not fit him any more…. already sounds much better than reviewing the website. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow (but tomorrow, we are having a joint 1 year birthday party with all of Red Ted’s friends.. oh well, maybe Sunday?).

Much to my excitement, the piano arrived today (yes, sorting that out was surprisingly quick!) and The Englishman fixed the camera. So things are looking up! I just need to very quickly learn how to play “Happy Birthday”.

I read today that the average word count of a blog is 250 words. I am at 217. 218. 219. Stop it. Means I can sign off for today and get comfy on the sofa with my knitting.  Night night (240).


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