So much to do. So little time.

dsc_06712Things feel difficult today. No idea why, as they are no different to last week. But there is so much to do and I can’t decide what to do first… also I only get 30min here and 20min there to work on stuff (afterall, I am a mum first!), which means I never tackle the “hard” things, as I feel I need to do those “properly”.

So what are the hard things:

* Proof reading the website (in needs LOADS of changes)

* Sort out an internet host

* Working out how you link the website with Paypal (I have the business account already, so that is something!)

* Working on my SEO (loads of articles to read and then actions to follow up on to improve SEO)

* Reviewing other ways to legitimately network online and widen my network or friends and contacts

* Fixing my camera – it won’t link to the laptop, which means I cannot show you my pretty photos anymore (and the jumbo is finished!! shame)

* Lots of things to do that have nothing to do with Red Ted Art (such as sort out moving the piano from our in-laws to ours – lucky Red Ted!)

The good things:

* I finished the Jumbo – yay! And love it. It has a v different feel to the other paintings, as the background is much lighter and thus fresher

* I have ordered my business cards – yay! Am v excited, especially since they are double sided and will sport a cute little teddy on the back

* We have started a regular babysitting clubs amongst he mums and I have an hour off this afternoon – yay!!!!


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