Well, finally, my husband, hence forth known as “The Englishman” is out painting the town red and the baby, hence forth known as “Red Ted” is sound asleep in his cot. Which means I, the “bloggist & artist” finally have time to do a bit more blogging… yay. Or should it be painting… oh, either will do.

So what have I been up to these past few days?

Orders are coming in!

Believe it or not, I have been taking some orders! Which is fantastic news. We are currently discussing motifs and colours – to make sure that we truly meet the little one’s wishes (or maybe the mother’s!). So I STILL haven’t done any painting yet. But fear not. I am sure that I will get to do the “real stuff” soon. Anyway, the discussion parts are fun too. Is it going to be a cute seahorse? Or a happy hippo? The seahorse really would look great as a set of paintings? So do we do some large ones or some medium paintings? Which colours should we go for? The metallic range is a little limited, but combined with the non metallic range, the choices are endless (see the Archie’s lion – in his painting he has the most gorgeous golden shiny and shimmery mane, whilst the rest of him is a more simple, but effective yellow). But we are quickly narrowing down on the colours and are making progress. Which is great! Soon another personalised painting will be complete. And we will have another very happy baby with a beautifully decorated room!

The Jumbo and the Lion have also caused a stir and lots of interest… so soon there will be some more little buddies joining wall décor around the world. The Jumbo will be a first birthday present for Red Ted’s little friend Alex – which I think is an inspired idea – what better gift to give – so many other “first birthday presents” date so quickly and this will be something that the baby will be able to cherish and enjoy for many year to come! Well done mum! I think this will be a truly unique gift for your child on his special day. Alex and Red Ted look very similar – we call them the little brothers. They both have cute round faces, gorgeous hair and lovely blue eyes. Oh and they are both big! But I hasten to add that that is NOT why Alex’s mum chose the Jumbo, she chose it because Alex loves planes. Especially when he sees one high up in the sky. They make him giggle and smile. I hope his painting does too! She is thinking about a blue and silver jumbo, as Alex looks so lovely in blue… Sorted!

Did I mention – that if you, say, don’t like the teddy painting currently shown, but you would love a teddy for your child, I can redraw the teddy to include more features/ less features, make it more cuddly or use more colours… no worries. Just let me know and I will come up with something for you. No pressure to buy. And a no quibbles return policy all the way.

Lots of support

I have also been responding to lots and lots of very supportive emails concerning my idea of bringing art to children – thank you so much for your support and interest! It really helps you along the way. Just make sure that as part of supporting me, you let all your friends know about this blog and my flickr site (at least until the real website is up and running!!).

More drawings, more art in the making

I am working on some more draft paintings – looking at boats, lighthouses, fairies and tigers – don’t ask me why I chose those, I just fancied them! Usually an image pops into my mind and then I just want to draw it. So watch the “Drawings waiting to become paintings” space on Flickr!

Trying to make the most of blogs & flickr

I really didn’t think I was technically challenged, but am spending unsuccessful hours trying to upload photos to my blog (which always crashes) and reorder the photos in flickr. But both tools seem to have a mind of their own. If you can help – let me know!

Oh… and of course, I have also been looking after Red Ted, the cats and the chickens…..

Contact me on if you have any questions or leave a comment on the site!


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  1. Posted by Andrew on January 21, 2009 at 9:27 pm

    It’s an awesome blogsite – it’s far better than my attempt at a scout website! (Just as well I don’t do anything technical for a living!)

    How about a Nemo? There are loads of cool fish which are really colourful that may provide inspiration!


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